How long do my products tend to ship?

After your purchase it takes 2 days to process your order and 3-5 business day for your products to ship.

How do I know when I will receive my shipment?

All orders are provided with a tracking code once it has been shipped.

What happens if I suffer a reaction to the products?

We adviced you to please contact us ivette@glowbyive to let us know of any reactions as soon as possible. Ivette Paredes is the owner and licensed aesthetician who will help you determined if what you are experiencing is an allergic reaction.

Is it normal to feel a tingly sensation with the use of my products?

Yes, tingly sensation is completely normal to experience due to the higher concentration of ingredients in our products. Our lines carry from 2% - 20% more concentration of active ingredients, which deliver faster results. 

How do I know which products are right for me?

We are always here to help! 

Send us an email with your question to Ivette Paredes owner and licensed aesthetician ivette@glowbyive. She will assist you on the best product for your skin type or concern.